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Genesis International pursues existing and to be built single-tenant US Federal government leased properties generating an attractive current return and a potential for capital appreciation through asset repositioning and/or moderate physical rehabilitation. Acquisitions include fee simple office and industrial property types. Available assets are diversified with regard to geography, property type, size and lease term.

Initial analysis includes a review of:

  • Geographic Area
  • Location Strategy for the Government Agency
  • Tenant History
  • Real Estate Market Size & Composition
  • Local Economy and Real Estate Market Stability and Growth Trends
  • Expansion Capability
  • Public Transportation Access
  • Roadway Access
  • Parking Availability
  • Real estate type, location and quality are evaluated in the context of an operating plan and exit strategy.

The Genesis International acquisition team creates value and opportunity for investors by combining broad-based market knowledge with a creative approach to strategic options.

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