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Through its strategic alliance with Genesis Financial Group Inc., Genesis International LLC enjoys several advantages in this niche real estate investment market:

  • An established network of relationships with brokers who work almost exclusively with the General Services Administration (GSA)
  • A network of relationships with GSA approved regional and national developers that look to Genesis International and Genesis Financial first for their “take-out” upon property construction completion and lease commencement
  • Internal property development capability
  • Access to a little known but publicly available database which lists all of the about 7.800 current and prospective GSA leases and the requirements for future development

Most importantly, Genesis International enjoys a stellar reputation as a GSA property manager. GSA engages the Gallup Organization to conduct a bi-annual performance audit of its property managers. Genesis International has consistently scored in the top 10% of these ratings, making it one of the highest rated and preferred service providers for the GSA.

As a result of these close relationships, outstanding performance history and longevity, Genesis International is often in a position where it does not have to compete exclusively on price for GSA business.

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